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Flat Roof

We are experienced in flat-roof repair and installation for Duro-Last Roofs, TPO membranes and rubber membranes – EPDM. We also perform Roof Inspections, thermal imaging and can even re-roof or roof rehab an old building for you. 

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Duro-Last Roofing

Duro-Last Roof

A-Plus Roofing is a Duro-Last Contractor with experience in installation of all Duro-Last Roof products. A Duro-Last roof uses a completely different approach to providing a roof for the structure.

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Commercial Roofing

Commercial Roof Repair

A-Plus Roofing is a flat-roof repair and commercial roof-repair contractor that service the commercial communities throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul Minnesota, for nearly a quarter of a century.

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TPO Membrane

TPO Membranes

A Plus Roofing Provides TPO Membrane roofing services to commercial customers throughout the Minneapolis and St. Paul communities. A TPO roofing system offers superior protection from the elements and yet meet or exceed fire protection standards.

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Junior Series

Rubber Membranes

A Plus Roofing is experienced in installing and caring for EPDM roofing systems for commercial building through Minneapolis and St. Paul and the surrounding communities.

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Dirt / Street Series

Roof Inspections

A-Plus Roofing provides commercial roofing services throughout the Minneapolis area. One of the foundations for providing quality, high-grade service for commercial roofing is to provide a comprehensive commercial roof inspection.

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We specialize in flat roof construction and repair services!

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